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The Temple of Veeshan

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Quest Giver: Sentry Ellison (The Western Wastes)

Requirements: Level 115
Request Phrase: small
Zone In Phrase: ready
Time Limit: 6 Hours
Task Type: Group, 1 Minimum, 6 Maximum Players
Lockout: 6 Hours
Repeatable: Yes



Chest Loot

Task Steps:

  • Defeat Aaryonar 0/1 (The Temple of Veeshan) More Info
  • Open the chest and claim your reward. 0/1 (The Temple of Veeshan) More Info


  • Defeat Aaryonar 0/1 (The Temple of Veeshan)
    • Defeat Aaryonar, Aaryonar has a front and back effect

      Aaryonar will fly off around 60% range, spawning Grolik

      Grolik will despawn and respawn at certain percentages, there will be a Decal around where he spawns, and he will also summon and has a Silence if left up too long

      When you get Orbs, run them into their same color Aura, or just bomb them in a single one, the Earth aura will despawn a golem add

      There will also be golem adds, these can be Rooted, there will also be racnar adds timed, while Aaryonar is fightable

      There will be roar emotes with a type associated, stand in the aura to prevent the dot from this (flames = fire/red, chilling = ice/blue, shudder = purple, final one in rock)

      There will also be other timed DoTs

      When Grolik is low hp, Aaryonar will re join the fight, Defeat Aaryonar

  • Open the chest and claim your reward. 0/1 (The Temple of Veeshan)
    • Open the Chest

  • Re: Aaryonar By: Zhetsurg On: December 18, 2020, 11:06:25 AM

    This one is a little tough at first, especially if you don't have pretty good gear all around. As noted, Aaryonar goes inactive and flies around at 60%. Grolik spawns and the key with him despawn/respawning is to engage relatively quickly every time or it will reset.

    DON'T be too close to the aura or you'll get a LONG and obnoxious stun that, in my experience, will get you killed pretty regularly. So be ready for him and position accordingly knowing he will summon whomever aggros him first.

    Grolik will despawn at ~90%, then repop shortly after, burn him down to 60% where he depops again. When he pops again, the orbs will come and you get the emote along the lines of "elemental energy gathers in the hallway" - WAIT until they are at the bottom of the steps, otherwise engaging them their pathing gets dumb and they take too long to get to you for easily dragging them to auras and it gets tricky. I have always just run them into the middle and despawned all four so not sure on the individual auras/achieves the best way to go. I also just DPS Grolik down to 40% as quick as possible after the emote so he despawns to focus on aggroing all 4 orbs and despawning them in the aura. Usually the orbs will be right around the stairs at that point so it lines up nicely.

    Grolik respawns and then you will have the 2 golems path in from the hallway, one right after the other. I always see the 2 golems, but only a few times took so long that we actually got the racnars/additional golems. Druid Paralytic Spores AA seemed to work for rooting the golems but the Paralytic Spray got resisted. Shaman VP or Spiritual Rebuke is handier for that.

    Shortly after you'll get Aaryonar back on the ground again and need to engage him so the event doesn't reset. Tank him and burn Grolik down, who will despawn/respawn again around 20%, 10%, and 5% I think it is. Depending on how you want to burn, you can try to get Aaryonar down to 20% and he will fly off leaving you to just kill Grolik and get the chest. It can be a bit tough and the AOE + adds requires a fair bit of healing in my experience.

    Re: Aaryonar By: Nebulosity On: December 11, 2020, 11:02:52 AM

    anyone have a write up for this or what needs to be done...

    Aaryonar By: Riou On: November 28, 2020, 06:01:41 PM

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