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The Western Wastes

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Burrower? I hardly know er!

Quest Giver: Captain Alron Cuppboard

Request Phrase: burrower
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo
Lockout: 1 Hour
Repeatable: Yes


  • 141 Platinum, 6 Gold, 6 Silver, 7 Copper


Task Steps:

  • Thin out the Burrowers 0/6 (The Western Wastes) More Info


  • Thin out the Burrowers 0/6 (The Western Wastes)
    • Kill burrowers, found throughout the zone, these mobs share spawns with other animals in the zone

  • Burrower? I hardly know er! By: Riou On: November 28, 2020, 05:10:15 PM

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