Group Tier 1, Group Tier 2, and Raid Tier 1

The dropped pieces from nameds and raids are called "Faded Armor". They drop from nameds or raids in their respective tier. To create the wearable armor pieces, you must simply combine the proper Refined Velium along with your class specific emblem inside the Faded Armor container. The Refined Velium can be purchased from Olwen in The Western Wastes (as shown by on the image below). The emblems can be purchased from the tradeskill vendors around the Small Bank in Plane of Knowledge (Plate/Chain classes at smithing vendor, Silk/Leather classes at Tailoring vendor), among other places.

This combine will result in a completed wearable piece of armor for your class!.

Refined Velium

Group Tier 1
Group Tier 2
Faded Snowsquall Wrist Armor
Faded Snowsquall Hands Armor
Faded Snowsquall Feet Armor
Faded Snowsquall Head Armor
Faded Snowsquall Arms Armor
Faded Snowsquall Legs Armor
Faded Snowsquall Chest Armor
Faded Blizzard Wrist Armor
Faded Blizzard Hands Armor
Faded Blizzard Feet Armor
Faded Blizzard Head Armor
Faded Blizzard Arms Armor
Faded Blizzard Legs Armor
Faded Blizzard Chest Armor
Snowsquall Refined Velium Blizzard Refined Velium

Raid Tier 1
Faded Hoarfrost Wrist Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Hands Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Feet Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Head Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Arms Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Legs Armor
Faded Hoarfrost Chest Armor
Hoarfrost Refined Velium

Class Emblems:

Bard: Emblem of the Maestro Necromancer: Emblem of the Arch Lich
Beastlord: Emblem of the Feral Lord Paladin: Emblem of the Suzerain Protector
Berserker: Emblem of the Fury Ranger: Emblem of the Forest Stalker
Cleric: Emblem of the Archon Rogue: Emblem of the Deceiver
Druid: Emblem of the Storm Warden Shadow Knight: Emblem of the Dread Suzerain
Enchanter: Emblem of the Coercer Shaman: Emblem of the Prophet
Magician: Emblem of the Arch Convoker Warrior: Emblem of the Overlord
Monk: Emblem of the Transcendent Wizard: Emblem of the Arcanist