Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

Bard -=- Beastlord -=- Berserker -=- Cleric -=- Druid -=- Enchanter -=- Magician -=- Monk -=- Necromancer -=- Paladin -=- Ranger -=- Rogue -=- Shadow Knight -=- Shaman -=- Warrior -=- Wizard

Kimbrose Galivan can be found in The Western Wastes, and sells Torment of Velious Rank 1 spells for Bard, Beastlord, Paladin, Ranger, and Shadow Knight.

Scroll: Arbor Stalker's Coalition
Scroll: Arbor Stalker's Enrichment
Scroll: Arrowstorm
Scroll: Auspice of Kildrukaun
Scroll: Bloodletting Coalition
Scroll: Coalition of Sticks and Stones
Scroll: Confluent Blessing
Scroll: Confluent Disruption
Scroll: Desirae's Demand
Scroll: Dirge of the Restless
Scroll: Force of Sincerity
Scroll: Requiem for the Cursed
Scroll: Stealthy Shot
Scroll: Stormwall Coalition
Scroll: Valiant Deterrence
Scroll: Venomous Coalition
Scroll: Yelinak's Insult
Tome: Focused Blizzard of Blades
Tome: Ikatiar's Vindication
Tome: Impertinent Influence
Tome: Reflexive Rebuttal
Tome: Reflexive Redemption
Tome: Reflexive Resentment
Tome: Reflexive Rimespurs
Tome: Reflexive Riving
Tome: Sincere Penitence