Claws of Veeshan is EverQuest's 27th Expansion!

Major highlights include:

  • Beautiful new Zones to explore
  • New Spells, AA's, Gear, and Armor
  • Dragons Hoard - A dragon's hoard for those that have collected so many items, it is nigh impossible to contain. This is an additional space to hold all those items you may need once more but do not need now.

Things you should know going into the Claws of Veeshan:

The entry zone to the Claws of Veeshan is Cobalt Scar. You can get here by zoning to it from the West side of Torment of Velious's Kael Drakkel.

Group and Raid gear continue to use the Type 5 aug slot for pure Heroic stats, and tiers above the 1st Group continue to have Luck, as they did in the last few expansions.

Like Torment of Velious, Claws of Veeshan is open format.

Have fun in the Claws of Veeshan!